10 Best led grow lights for indoor plants in India

LED grow lights have become relatively popular these days. We have seen that people have changes their ways of planting; they have started to use plants as a hobby of being a home decor these days. Having small plants for indoor decor is quite common yet popular and it also gives a stylish touch to your home.

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Led Grow Lights


Many of us don’t know what LED Grow Light is and what is the use of it? 

So for those who wants to know about LED Grow Light we can tell you that a LED Glow light is new innovation that helps in growing plants by providing then the basic light that they need most for the process of photosynthesis. It is a new way to get interested in plants and take care of them in a more presided way. These lights help the Plants to get proper light and protection from bacteria’s and will eventually help the plants to grown long and fast quickly. 

 There are many studies that have proofed that plants react to some specific colour differently and get benefits from those lights easily. There are things like- Light spectrum which is required by the plants as it increases the wavelength of the overall plants. Plus, the different lights are required for different purposes- 

Blue is used when there is a need for germination, Red is requiring for flowering and fruiting and Green is required in photosynthesis.

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In this article we are going to discuss about some of the best LED grow Lights in India for consumption: 

1. Ankace Grow Light


Ankace Grow Light

This glow Light consists of: 

The LED Grow Light from Ankace is one of the most purchased LED grow light company as its product is effective for the growth of indoor plants. It is important in plants that they get proper light so that they can make their nutrition and other necessary things that they require for photosynthesis , if a plant is not been exposes in light then they wan can wilt before dying.    

2. Fluortronix XE Series 150W


Fluortronix XE Series 150W

The Products comes with the benefits of: 

Being the best manufactures of LED Grow light, Fluortronix are the once who can provide perfect solutions to the main concern of the customers of what LED Grown Light to purchase for their plants?  So their products come with a feel of relief as they do specific research so that the plants can grow under protection and care. 

3. Segolike 8W e27 LED:


Segolike 8W e27 LED:

The main features of this LED grow light are: 

One of the best cost-friendly LED Grow light is from the Segoloke. The Grow Light comes in a pack of 1. The lights consume low power and have a fixed wavelength that is good for the plants to grow more. 

4. AuraGro 12 Watt E27 Based PAR LED Grow Light


AuraGro 12 Watt E27 Based PAR LED Grow Light

The main features includes are: 

The AuraGro LED Grow light is a very firm product that has a aluminium radiator body which is useful as it always keep a balance temperature at a perfect level. Great for Plants, it can be used for gardening, seedling, family balcony etc. 

5. Fluortronix 20W e27 LED Grow bulb


Fluortronix 20W e27 LED Grow bulb

The key features of this Grow Light is- 

We have another product from the brand Fluortronix, the brand comes under the category for being the Indian manufacturing company in India. The high-quality LED light is been designed uniquely designed to have a larger illumination area which help the plants get more light. The gooseneck structure of this light makes it easier for the user to arrange the plant accordingly.

6. Fluortronix 22W leafy greens Full Spectrum High Efficient LED Grow light.


Fluortronix 22W leafy greens Full Spectrum High Efficient LED Grow light.

The feature includes: 

The best option for these LED lights is the Fluortronix 22W as they provide the right amount of heat is been given by with a 400-750nm of light which is basically design to get green leafy plants and vegetables. Perfect for all king of plants but it can be more beneficial to potted plants. 

7. Walmeck 20W 0W 50W Full Spectrum High Power


Walmeck 20W 0W 50W Full Spectrum High Power

The feature includes: 

For speeding up the growth of the plant it is require to give plants the proper heat indoors and for that the walmeck 20w is a potential brand that provides- 

8. Primin LED Grow Light Bulb


Primin LED Grow Light Bulb

Feature Includes: 

The main key feature of this Grow Bulb is its power saving performance. It is made to save your electricity and be eco-friendly; even though it consumes less energy it is equally effective in nurturing the plants.  It has been improved by head of the lamp; it has thicker and smoother cover than others. 

9. Grow Lamp Bulb, Red Blue Color Indoor Plants Light Bulb


Grow Lamp Bulb, Red Blue Color Indoor Plants Light Bulb

Feature includes: 

A Strong quality aluminum material is been formed by the Company to prevent heat loss and high usage of your electricity. One of the Best Grow lights includes this product as it is good features which help the plants to have a healthy environment.

10. FLuortronix 44W gz4 LED White Grow Tube:


FLuortronix 44W gz4 LED White Grow Tube:

The key features that it has are- 

The Fluortronix 44W looks after the plant like a mother the product provides the plants the right amount of light that they require by the plant. After a lot of research and experiment they have brought 44W in the market for the plant lovers.

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